'Rocket League' Frosty Fest 2018 Event Details Revealed

Rocket League’s winter-themed event called Frosty Fest 2018 is starting soon with new seasonal [...]

Rocket League's winter-themed event called Frosty Fest 2018 is starting soon with new seasonal items for players to unlock.

Psyonix previewed the winter event with a new trailer that showed off some of the themed items that'll be found during Frosty Fest 2018. Starting on December 17th and running until January 7th, players can start earning a new currency in-game and use that to unlock the different items found in the event.

Rocket League events typically have some sort of new currency for players to accumulate, and in this case, it's Snowballs. By playing online matches, players will earn that currency and can start adding the winter items to their collections.

A site set up for the special seasonal event detailed exactly what was included in the contents of Frost Fest 2018. All of the items can be seen there, but you can find a list of them below to break down how many items there are in each of the various customization categories.

  • Sleigh-Bailed (Limited Topper)
  • Dreidel (Limited Antenna)
  • Christmas Cocoa (Limited Topper)
  • Peppermint Powerhouse (Limited Player Title)
  • Sweater Fest (Limited Decal)
  • Nisse (Limited Decal)
  • Winter Waddle (Limited Decal)
  • Frostline (Limited Player Banner)
  • Winter Storm (Limited Trail)
  • Snowstorm (Limited Animated Decal)
  • Fireworks (Limited Rocket Boost)
  • Holiday Hearth (Limited Wheels)

The announcement of Rocket League's new event comes just after another set of content was revealed when Psyonix revealed what all was included in the second pass for the game. Following the same format that other games with pass-type products, Rocket League's Rocket Pass offers both a free and premium set of content that players can unlock by playing through online matches and leveling up through the tiers. Psyonix said when the Rocket Pass 2 was announced that it'd looked at players' feedback and made some changes to the system.

"We listened to your feedback about the first Rocket Pass and (as a result) have now increased the variety of items found in the Premium track," Psyonix said. "Additionally, items in the Premium Upgrade path are no longer tradeable for Tiers 1 thru 70, but 'Pro Tier' items (i.e. Tier 71 and above) and Free items CAN still be traded. We have also changed Pro Tier behavior so that they will ALWAYS drop as a 'Painted' item, while still carrying a 25% chance to drop as a 'Certified' item. Moreover, we've increased the base experience you earn from matches by 40% so that you can reach Pro Tiers faster and increased the weekly match maximum from 14 to 21."

Rocket League's Frosty Fest 2018 event begins on December 17th and lasts until January 7th.