Rocket League Reveals Summer 2019 Roadmap

that Rocket League will continue to be shaped by the same development team that it always has [...]

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Today, Psyonix revealed the summer roadmap for Rocket League, revealing and detailing what PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One players can expect from the arcadey sports game over the next several months. The details come way of a new post from the game's official website, which also addresses the recent development of Epic Games' acquisition of Psyonix. First though, the roadmap.

Next month Rocket League will kick off its "biggest in-game event" ever that will feature several limited-time events. The event in its entirety will share the same in-game currency for items that can be redeemed in the event store, however, the items found in the event store itself will change over time as the in-game event hits different points. In other words, there's more items than ever, but there's the chance you'll miss out on some items if you aren't active enough.

"We know that players can sometimes earn more event currency than they sometimes use, so we're addressing that by adding XP Level-Up Packs in the event store as well," writes Psyonix. "That means that players will be able to redeem event currency for XP Level-Up Packs that grant 10 Tier Points for Rocket Pass -- allowing you to boost your Rocket Pass Tiers in a super-fast and super-convenient way."

In addition this, Psyonix will roll something out at some point this summer that will allow players quicker ways to party-up with strangers who don't harass them in chat or throw the game because you made one mistake. This party-up option will be available right in the post-game screen. Another quality-of-life change on the horizon deals with inventories. Soon there will be better ways to organize in-game items with additional inventory management tools. The last tidbit on the quality-of-life front is that Psyonix will improve and update the trading system, but from the sounds of it, this won't come in the summer, but later in 2019.

On top of the roadmap details, Psyonix also re-addressed the recent news of Epic Games' acquisition of it:

"Of course, you've probably already read this month's 'Epic News,' which is why we also want to assure you (and the rest of our community) that Rocket League will continue to be shaped by the same development team that it always has even if our family is getting quite a bit bigger," writes Psyonix. "The game will also continue to be fueled and inspired by the passion and feedback of our dedicated playerbase just as it was before."

Rocket League is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there.


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