Rocket League Is Now a Football Game for a Limited Time

Rocket League is now also an American football game to celebrate Super Bowl LV, but only for a limited time. With the game's recent update -- which was big for Fennec players -- Psyonix and Epic Games have added the "Gridiron," which, according to the aforementioned pair, is "a fun blend of the NFL and Rocket League" to celebrate this weekend's Tom Brady Bowl.

Building upon this, Psyonix and Epic Games have announced the Gridiron Games," a one-day tournament that makes use of the Gridiron mode. The tournament will unravel round-robin style and feature "captains" among the participants drafting players on stream until there are four teams of four players.

Once drafted, the teams will all play each other in a group stage format in a Best-of-3 series. From here, the top two teams will play in a Best-of-5- final dubbed the Gridiron Bowl, with the winners earning the "Gridiron Games Champion" in-game title.

Unfortunately, the tournament isn't open to the public, but will feature the following players: Arsenal, Forky, GarrettG, King Ranny, Neatoqueen, PhantomAce, Retals, Rizzo, SunlessKhan, Turbopolsa, Turtle, and Widow. As you can see, there's a mix of content creators and professional players. Meanwhile, there will be four more players in addition to this group and these players -- chellchee, Dazerin, Johnnyboi, and Sizz -- will be the captains.

Bringing all of the tournament's action to you will be a trio of hosts, Athena, JonSandman, and Orb. Meanwhile, the tourney itself will go down on February 5, aka this Friday, at 12 p.m. PT.


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