Roll20's New D&D Character Sheet Is Available To Preview In Alpha

Roll20 has an exciting new functional character sheet in development that will release later this year.

Roll20 is releasing a new, functional digital Dungeons & Dragons character sheet in the future, and it's available to preview now in its Alpha Testing period. Per the description provided by Roll20 for the upcoming feature, the digital character sheet has "a modern design, enhanced spell and inventory management, greater customization and automation, and compatibility with both D&D 2014 and D&D 2024 rules," and promises to make players "fall in love with D&D all over again." Some of the features noted include:

  • Free Basic Rules
  • Auto-Calculations
  • Automated Dice
  • Complete Mobile Support
  • Alpha
  • Manage Sheet: You'll be able to control what parts of your sheet you share with others and set options like always rolling with advantage, auto-rolling damage, and making customizations or overrides.
  • Level Up
  • Redesigned Reading Experience
  • We Handle The Math: Focus on the adventure with the Roll20 Tabletop. Roll20 streamlines new mechanics and systems, and our new D&D character sheet handles the math to keep the dice rolling.
  • Automated Character Sheet: Manage your D&D character sheet in Roll20 Characters, perfect for customizing your adventurer with the latest subclasses, feats, backgrounds, and species.

The sheet is still actively in-development and there will be many updates ahead of the full launch on September 17th. Roll20 also provided a roadmap leading up to the character sheet's release, starting this summer:

  • June 18th: Alpha Test
  • End of July: Beta Test – Character Sheet, Character Builder, NPC Sheet, Drag & Drop
  • September 17th: Full Sheets & Builder Release with D&D 2024 Support – Mobile Friendly, Transfer Characters from 2024 Sheets to New, Enhanced Compendium Reading Experience, Token Actions, Macros, and Mod Script Support
  • Ongoing Improvements: Light Mode, Print to PDF, Additional Touchscreen & Mobile Improvements, and More To Be Announced

Roll20 has a form available for users experiencing the Alpha Test to provide feedback ahead of the next stage in development as noted above. The Dungeons & Dragons 2024 Core Rulebooks are available for pre-order now, which will begin to release alongside the Roll20 Character Sheet on September 17th with the 2024 Player's Handbook. Pre-ordering through Roll20 instantly unlocks the best-selling Monster Manual Expanded by Dragonix for free to unleash 470 new creatures upon your adventure. 

What do you think of Roll20's new character sheet so far? I intended to play around with it for five minutes earlier this evening and accidentally dumped in an entire hour, so suffice to say I'm fairly excited to see the full features as the launch continues to rollout. Chat with me about it on socials @amazingspidrhan!