Run a Hotel in Hell in Iello's Hellton Palace

Iello recently revealed some of its upcoming games, and even at just a glance, one game made an immediate impression. That game is Hellton Palace, a new game from Jean-Baptiste Pigneur and Lorenzo Colangeli that puts players in the role of a hotel manager as you hire bellhops to address the guests of the hotel's needs (via OnTableTop). Eventually, the hotel will collapse and one player will fall, so you are just attempting to survive long enough to call yourself the winner. The artwork is incredibly stylish and the colors are gorgeous, so if it plays half as good as it looks fans are in for a truly entertaining experience.

Each turn players will welcome guests into one of the available rooms. (1 through 9) on the board, and you will need to dismiss bellhops and hire new ones with the money you bring in along the way. If you move to an unoccupied room, you simply move to the next one, but if you knock on an occupied room, you have two options.

(Photo: IELLO)

You can serve the guest in that room, and if you do you can remove an irritation token. If they are satisfied with how things have been handled, you can apply the effects listed on their door hanger. If you choose to move past them instead, you place an irritation token on them. If they already have one, you remove it with a Bell token.

(Photo: IELLO)

Afterward you will either collect coins, which are based on the number of guests without an irritation token, or you can gain a Bell token back. There are also legendary creatures and Gods that can break the pillars supporting your hotel, and you'll need to try and adapt to the damage they unleash if you want to outlast your opponent.

You can lose by no longer having any Bell tokens or by having a column without a pillar token, and whoever survives the longest (or loses last) wins the game! There's no word on a release date stateside yet, but we'll keep you posted when that is revealed.

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