Sea of Thieves’ Closed Beta Will Set Sail Even Longer, Due To Technical issues

Microsoft and Rare kicked off their closed beta for their open-world pirating adventure Sea of [...]

Sea of Thieves

Microsoft and Rare kicked off their closed beta for their open-world pirating adventure Sea of Thieves on Xbox One earlier this week, and feedback for the game has been pretty solid thus far, praising everything from the captivating gameplay to the smooth water effects to the sheer ability of being able to blast some scurvy scalawags down to Davy Jones' locker. (Okay, we might have been playing for a few hours.)

That said, it hasn't been entirely, ahem, smooth sailing for everyone, as some folks have been running into technical mishaps trying to get into the game. A bug indicated that the player was "Too Early" when it came to joining the fun, mainly amongst those that already pre-ordered the game.

With that, Rare has rolled out a temporary fix to get things moving again, as you can see on the game's support page. But that also created issues, as those that digitally pre-ordered the game got removed from the beta.

So the team has noted an interesting fix that "will resolve the issue entirely," which initially posted on Twitter. "Ahoy! Most of the players who were receiving the "too early" error message should now all be able to launch the Closed Beta and play! The remaining cases should be resolved within the next 2 hours. We really appreciate all the patience whilst our team has worked to resolve this," it noted.

"Anyone who digitally pre-orders in the next 24hrs will need to pick up the Closed Beta through the Xbox Insider Hub on Xbox One and/or Windows 10. This will resolve the issue entirely."

As a result, Rare is very aware that some people haven't been able to enjoy the game just yet, so it's doing them a solid by allowing the beta to continue onward for two more days. It was originally intended to end on Monday, January 29, around midnight, but now it's set to close down on January 31. So you've got two additional days to blast ships, collect treasure and create all kinds of pirating mayhem. Everyone wins!

The beta is a good way to get introduced to the final version of Sea of Thieves, which is set to arrive on March 20 for Xbox One and Windows 10.