Shadow of the Tomb Raider "Know Your Enemy" Video Showcases the Dangers of Being a Croft

We've been learning more and more about Lara Croft and the closure of her insane origins arc with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. While Croft herself has gone through immense changes to evolve into the badass archaeologist we've known and loved from games past, the nature of the title itself has also evolved. From a more dynamic environment, to the different weapons she can utilize - we've been learning it all. Now we're digging even deeper into the many enemies of Lara Croft with the latest video from the team over at Square Enix.

The new "Know Your Enemy" trailer dive deep into the dangers of being a Croft from militant foes, to those of a more supernatural nature. You can even see that damn eel that scared the crap out of me on numerous occasions when I was able to play the first four hours of the game last month.

But it's not just humans that she must face ... or eels, for that matter. The jungle is a scary place housing many dangers that she must overcome. Luckily, Croft is ready for any challenge, no longer the scared youth we met in the first of these three games.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider releases on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on Sept. 14th. Don't forget about our incredibly detailed Tomb Raider community hub right here to catch up on all of the sneak peeks we've had so far leading up to the big release!

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