The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Announces Release Date, Starter Sets

The upcoming Elder Scrolls miniatures games has announced its first sets. Earlier this month, Modiphius Entertainment announced plans to release four sets to launch its new The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms miniatures game. The new game has multiple game modes, including a traditional skirmish mode in which players battle each other, or a cooperative mode in which players explore lost ruins while fighting AI-controlled enemies. The game will initially include several iconic heroes from Skyrim but could expand to include characters from other Elder Scrolls games.

The initial Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms sets include a Core Rules box that contains tokens, dice, and over 200 cards, along with a 44-page quest book with 12 different missions, and three different miniatures sets. The miniatures sets include an Imperial Legion faction set that includes Hadvar, an Imperial Mage, and three Imperial Soldiers, and a Stormcloaks set containing Yrsarald Thrice Pierced, Ralof, and three Stormcloak soldiers. There's also a Bleak Falls Barrow set that includes a female version of the Dragonborn, the game's iconic hero, 3 Draugr miniatures, 3 Skeleton Archers, and a Draugr Overlord miniature.


You might recognize a few of the characters above from Skyrim. Both Hadvar and Ralof appeared in the opening sequence of Skyrim, aiding the Dragonborn after Alduin attacks Helgen, and serve as contacts for joining either the Imperial Legion or the Stormcloaks for the Civil War portion of the game. Yrsarald Thrice Pierced is a high ranking general for the Stormcloaks, although he doesn't actually do much in the game.

skyrim call to arms
(Photo: Modiphius)

Players will need to buy the Core Rules set and at least one miniatures set to get started. The Bleak Falls Barrow set contains all the miniatures you'd need to dive into the dungeon crawl version of the game, while the Imperial Legion and Stormcloaks sets contain everything you need for a traditional two player skirmish. The Core Rules set will have a retail price of $45, the Stormcloaks and Imperial Legions sets will have a retail price of $33, and the Bleak Barrow Falls set will have a retail price of $36. All four sets will be released in March 2020.