Skyrim Anniversary Edition Gets Another Surprise Launch Beyond Nintendo Switch Version

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition showed up on the Nintendo Switch platform this week as a surprise release with an even more surprising price of $70. But in addition to that Switch launch, Skyrim also found a new home on GOG. The CD Projekt-owned launcher welcomed Skyrim to its catalog with a couple of unique features and a price that might seem pretty appealing to those who want to round out their Skyrim on yet another platform.

GOG reiterated back in April that it was planning to focus more on classic PC games, so some may have been surprised to see Skyrim release there. The marketplace still hosts some newer games, however, so whether you consider Skyrim to be old or not, it still makes sense in a way to have the Elder Scrolls game available through that platform.

In the announcement about the GOG release, it was said that Skyrim would be available as either the Special Edition or the Anniversary Edition. The latter comes with all the Creation Club content included which might be worth springing for if you think you'd like Creation Club additions given that the Creation Club itself isn't available through GOG. That's because this version of the game has no DRM which means it's played offline and therefore isn't connected to the Creation Club.

"It is worth mentioning that Skyrim on GOG comes with a dedicated build, to give users the best possible adventure in Tamriel," the announcement said. "The game is entirely playable offline thanks to GOG's DRM-free nature and gives users the Anniversary Edition content without the need for Creation Club access."

This version of Skyrim found on GOG also supports mods, so if you're not keen on playing the vanilla version of the game, you can load it up with all the changes you've grown accustomed to elsewhere. Nexus Mods has a post on its own site addressing questions people might have about that integration.


The Skyrim Anniversary Edition is currently on sale via GOG for $24.99 which is half off of its normal $49.99 price. The Special Edition without the Creation Club content is $13.19, down 67% from $39.99.