Smash Up: Marvel Announced

The Op is on a bit of a roll with some killer announcements lately, and the latest is part of a new partnership with Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), which brings a series of hit license to AEG's hit Smash Up franchise. The first collaboration up to bat is none other than Smash Up: Marvel, which will allow fans to create a deck of superheroes and villains from their favorite comics universe. This will be based on the comics specifically and will feature characters like Captain Marvel and Red Skull as well as characters like Spectrum and Arnim Zola to name just a few, and you'll need to utilize all of their comic accurate powers and abilities if you hope to defeat your opponents.

The game will feature eight factions, and two have already been revealed in The Ultimates and HYDRA. As for what other factions will be included, we imagine a core Avengers team would be a good fit, as would the X-Men, A.I.M. SHIELD, and StrikeForce just to name a few options, though hopefully, we find out the official rundown soon.

For those who haven't played Smash Up before, the game is designed by Paul Peterson and has players creating armies out of everything from Kaiju, Aliens, and Disco Dancers to Geeks and Rock Stars. You assemble these teams to try and take over bases, which then earn you Victory Points to ultimately seal the victory for you or your team.

(Photo: The Op)

It's a staple of many board game nights, and now it's getting a Marvel spin. We have a big list of characters we hope to see, and if you know me, you know who is on that list. Maybe some Spider-Woman, some Moon Knight, maybe a Darkhawk or Cardiac, and perhaps even a Squirrel Girl or Cyclops for good measure. OH, and Red Queen Kate Pryde...and wait, Maggott! Yes, I said Maggott, and I don't regret it. If Jonathan Hickman could make Goldballs cool, it can happen for Maggott too.

In any case, you can find the official description for Smash Up: Marvel below, and it can be ordered here.

"In the ultimate shuffling building card game, players smash up two groups of Marvel characters to take over bases and score the most victory points. Mix and match the different decks of heroes and villains to see which combinations can best defeat the others!"


The game retails for $34.99 and is out later this year.

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