Smite Announces Nickelodeon Crossover

Smite added another crossover to its expansive lineup of collabs this week by unveiling new Nickelodeon skins that'll soon be added to the game. This crossover event is scheduled to get underway in July 12th, and with it will come five new cosmetics mirroring the looks of Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, Rocko, Powdered Toastman, and XJ9 (from My Life as a Teenage Robot). Each of the five skins will be available for five different gods, but even if you don't end up paying for those to own them, you can get some different cosmetics for free by completing challenges.

Danny Phantom's skin is for Janus, Rocko's is for Danzburou, XJ9's is for Freya, Powdered Toastman's is for Gilgamesh, and Invader Zim's is for Cupid. The trailer below shows what these skins look like in action within Smite. We don't have prices for them just yet, but players can expect them to follow the premium pricing trend established in past crossovers.

As mentioned previously, Smite has had tons of crossovers already. Just recently, it introduced a crossover with the metal group Slipknot which was one of the most unexpected crossovers even considering already how many there are in the game. Other Nickelodeon properties like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Avatar: The Last Airbender as well as Legend of Korra characters have been added in the past, too, but Smite's creators pointed out that this will be the first time the game has benefitted from a collab introducing multiple characters from different shows at once.

"This is our first crossover that includes characters from multiple completely different shows, which presented an interesting challenge to the team," said A.J. Walker, the design director at Titan Forge Games. "For example: how do you turn a feisty musket-toting Tanuki (Danzaburou) into a shirt-wearing, tv-watching Wallaby (Rocko)? By turning the musket into a remote control, of course! We wanted to design every character in a way that did their Nickelodeon origins justice."


Emotes and related cosmetics were teased, too, so expect to see those available in the game whenever this crossover gets underway. Titan Forge Games also said PlayStation Plus subscribers would have an opportunity to purchase a bundle including the five gods mentioned above as well as their voice packs.