Someone Has Recreated Super Mario 64 In Minecraft

We've seen some pretty amazing sights in Minecraft, and with the next forthcoming update, we're likely to see a whole bunch more. But we just came across a great new video that is sure to stir up nostalgia in Nintendo 64 owners everywhere.

A YouTube user by the name of KilizXGaming has managed to recreate some of the levels from the classic open-world platformer, including Peach's Castle (with Peach represented in blocks, of course), the secret slide, and a number of other different levels. In addition, it also manages to recapture the classic camera movements from that 1996 release, as well as music from the credits sequence within the game.

It's a pretty neat feat – and has us wondering if maybe we can play these levels someday. Obviously we wouldn't do so with a plumber, but, you know, still…


Check out the video above, and see what other great stuff gets created over the course of the next few months!