Sommer Ray May "Crash Twitch" With Hot Tub Stream

Sommer Ray may soon "crash Twitch" with a hot tub stream. Right now, and for the past couple of months, the big trend on Twitch has been hot tub streams, which consist of streamers, typically in bathing suits, talking with the chat while sitting in a hot tub, and occasionally writing the name of subscribers on their bodies. As you would expect, the trend has proven controversial, and so far Twitch hasn't done much to address it, though it did recently pull advertising from Amouranth, the most prominent hot tub streamer.

Right now, Sommer Ray -- an American fitness model who has amassed a staggering 26 million followers on Instagram -- hasn't announced any plans for a hot tub stream, but she did tease the possibility and she has expressed interest in streaming on the platform.

Speaking to Mike Majlak and Adin Ross during the latter's Twitch stream, Sommer revealed that she's in the process of getting an account. Once she gets an account, she intends to start "grinding." However, to this end, Sommer notes to the pair that she has no clue what to do, which is when Majlak suggests a hot tub stream, which he notes will "crash Twitch."

Sommer didn't say a ton in response, but she did confirm she's up for the idea, though for now, it remains to be seen if anything will come of this. Below, you can watch the whole interaction for yourself, courtesy of Ross' personal Youtube account:


As noted, it remains to be seen if anything will come of any of this. As always, we will keep you posted if any additional information surfaces. As Majlak notes, if Sommer were to do a hot tub stream, it would probably set some records in the process given her popularity. Right now, Pokimane's hot tub stream with OfflineTV holds the record for the most viewers after it broke 100,000 concurrents last week.

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