Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Star Ben Schwartz Already Read the Script, Filming Starts Soon

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 star Ben Schwartz has already read the script and says that filming begins soon. The actor sat down with to talk about the upcoming sequel. A lot of the fans have been focused on the announcements surrounding Sonic 2, namely Knuckles the Echidna making his grand debut. However, it seems pretty clear that director Jeff Fowler has some more surprises planned. It cannot be overstated how wild it was for Sonic to rake in the kind of box office success it enjoyed last year. It was the number one film in theaters for almost a month. Then, the movie became emblematic as the last huge release before the coronavirus pandemic settled in. Now, with basically a calendar year gone by, it’s time to get to work on the sequel and Schwartz is ready.

"I believe Sonic starts filming in the next few months, I’m not quite sure when, but I know it’s coming up, and I was able to read a script and it’s gonna be great!"

The director actually spoke with this year about the prospect of other Sonic characters making an appearance in the sequel. He explained that establishing that world in the first movie meant paring things down to mostly the hero and Dr. Robotnik.

"For this first film, we really were just looking at the 1991 game and just see where it all started and just keep it simple," Fowler explained when asked about Tails and the rest of Sonic’s friends "Just really try to nail Sonic and Robotnik and just set up their rivalry because you don't ... I mean, I love ... There's a lot of great characters in Sonic universe, but it's the most important thing is just to get Sonic set up and just tell a little bit of an origin story with him, and just do it in a way that really makes everyone fall in love with him as a character and just be rooting for more. And then, if all that goes well, then we can kind of open it up and bring in some of these other characters that fans know and love. And yeah, I mean, no one's more excited than me to have that opportunity."


The second Sonic the Hedgehog movie is currently set to release on April 8, 2022.

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