'Sonic: The Hedgehog' Movie Will Have A Ton Of Easter Eggs

Video games movies are expected to have a ton of Easter eggs, and Paramount's upcoming live-action animation, Sonic the Hedgehog, will not disappoint in this regard. In fact, according to Ben Schwartz, the voice of the blue hedgehog, there's many Easter eggs, including many humorous ones and many that probably only hardcore fans of the video game series will pick up on.

"There are Easter eggs," confirmed Schwartz in an exclusive interview with ComicBook. "There are very fun Easter eggs that people who play Sonic (games) will really enjoy and understand."

Unfortunately, Schwartz didn't reveal any specific Easter Eggs we can expect, or even hint at the nature of any of them, but from the sounds of it, they will be more concentrated to the classic Sonic experience, and not his newer, more recent games.

Schwartz also made sure to point out that even if you've never played any of the games, the movie is still plenty enjoyable. In fact, it sounds like the homages to the video game series will be contained to Easter eggs, while everything else will be newcomer friendly. And this is probably for the better. While Sonic is a somewhat recognizable face in the mainstream, I doubt most people have ever played a single game starring the turbo-hog. In other words, it's probably wise of Paramount to make sure the movie appeals to people who know nothing about Sonic as much as the people that worship the blue hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog is scheduled to release in theaters worldwide on November 9. For more news, media, information, and leaks on the upcoming Sonic movie, be sure to check out all of our previous coverage of it by clicking right here. And of course, feel free to sound off in the comments letting us know what you think. What kind of Easter eggs do you hope the Sonic movie will have?


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