Screenshots of Cancelled Spider-Man 4 Game Revealed

Today, an environmental artist by the name of Wayne Dalton shared some never-before-seen [...]

Today, an environmental artist by the name of Wayne Dalton shared some never-before-seen screenshots of an unannounced and cancelled game in development at Radical Entertainment not that long ago. The game? A movie tie-in for Spider-Man 4, which as you will know, also got canned. According to Dalton, Radical Entertainment was making the game before it was cancelled and transformed into Prototype 2. As he notes, there's no footage, which is a shame because apparently Spider Man's locomotion and web physics were quite good, but there are screenshots, which he shared recently.

You can view all of the screenshots right here. For those that don't know: Spider-Man 4 was poised to be the fourth entry in the Spider-Man film franchise under Sam Raimi. The film began development in 2008, and was scheduled to release on May 5, 2011. It had Raimi, the core cast, and everything seemed to be swimming right along. The villain was going to be Lizard, and there was even plans to make two follow-ups. The movie then evolved over the course of development, adding heroes and villains like Black Cat and Vulture. However, eventually development ran into some issues, and after numerous setbacks Sony canned the project all together. As a result, the unannounced video game tie-in had to be canned as well.

As you can see in the screenshots, the game looks pretty good for a project that was likely in development somewhere between 2008 and 2010. Radical Entertainment wasn't and isn't the most well-known or decorated developer, but the Prototype series sure does have its fans.

Anyway, while it's a shame this game never saw the light of day, thankfully we have Marvel's Spider-Man, courtesy of Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment. If you haven't played it already, you should, it's really, really good.

"Marvel's Spider-Man is the best superhero movie you can't buy a ticket to see, and it's one of the best open-world games of the generation," reads the the opening of our review. "Insomniac Games has shown great audacity in its effort to craft a wholly original Spider-Man story, with its own timeline and set of origin stories."

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