Spider-Man PS4 Comparison Videos Look At Differences Between 2017 and 2018 Trailers

We’re less than a couple of weeks away from the arrival of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man for [...]


We're less than a couple of weeks away from the arrival of Insomniac Games' Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, and it's safe to say that our spidey senses are tingling. But if you really want to get an idea of just how much progress the developer has made on the game over the past couple of years, there are some videos that take a closer look at that.

A YouTube poster by the name of Cycu1 has put up a couple of quick video clips that compare the progress made between one of the 2017 trailers for Spider-Man and the more recent launch trailer for the game. You can check out the first one below, which takes a closer look at improved character models and more.

As you can see, significant improvements were made to realism and lighting; and Spider-Man looks more like his own character than, say, the early Andrew Garfield-ish one we saw last year. There also appears to be small details improved upon with certain characters, like the Shocker.

There's also a second video that you can see below, which takes a look at more action-based shots from the game.

As you can see, lighting and smaller details have been touched upon here; and even in slow motion, the action sequences, like a helicopter crashing into the street, are more dynamic.

PlayStation 4 Pro owners will no doubt get the most from this game with its extraordinary little details, but PlayStation 4 owners won't be left out in the cold, as their version will look just as good.

Over on Resetera, fans apparently prefer the 2018 look to the game over the 2017 one, mainly due to its improvements. But one couldn't help but ask Insomniac what was up with the potential "downgrade," which was quickly addressed by community manager James Stevenson. You can see the tweet below.

It sounds like Insomniac Games went all out to make this the best Spider-Man game to date, and, fortunately, we won't have to wait too longer to see how it fares. Spider-Man releases on September 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.