Spider-Man PS4 Concept Art Revealed in Huge Showcase

It's almost time, Marvel fans. The highly anticipated open-world Spider-Man game for the [...]

It's almost time, Marvel fans. The highly anticipated open-world Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4 is almost here and players can't wait to dive right in (or swing right in) and see the amazing story that Insomniac Games has crafted for us. To keep that hype going, a stunning showcase has emerged, showing off glorious concept art. If you weren't already excited, this is just the thing to nudge those hype levels up a few hundred notches.

Hashtagged with the tagline "Be Greater," the showcase unveils even more about the game, including the stunning landscapes, the dynamic movement, the different outfits that our iconic Peter Parker will be donning, and so much more.

The showcase also offers some of the Easter eggs that we've been uncovering since the grand reveal, as well as first looks at some of the other well-known characters from the franchise, the intense foe fights up ahead, and exactly what went into making an adventure of this scale for such a beloved series. It's not easy being Spidey, but it's not easy doing his legacy justice either. From everything we've seen thus far, Insomniac was the team to do just that.

We weren't the only ones excited either — seems like everyone's spidey-senses are tingling.

Much of what is in the showcase will also be in the art book for sale, as well. There's no limit to the excitement and the concept art both here and in the upcoming book are a phenomenal way to appreciate the process of this game and treasure it forever.

Marvel's Spider-Man will be swinging its way onto the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on Sept. 7th. Don't forget to check out our amazing Community Hub for the upcoming Spider-Man game right here to stay in the loop for all things Spidey before the adventure begins next month!