Spider-Man PS4 Hints at Unexpected Origin Character

An interesting origin character in Spider-Man’s story has been hinted at by PlayStation and may make an appearance in Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man game.

Marvel’s character in question who might be feature in the game is Crusher Hogan, a wrestler who was the first person that Peter Parker ever formally used his spider powers on. Hogan doesn’t have any special powers to speak of other than being a renowned wrestler, but he’s a character that Spider-Man fans will recognize almost instantly as in integral part in the web-slinger’s earliest moments.

The idea that Hogan might be in the game comes from the latest issue of the Daily Bugle, the fictional newspaper from the world of Spider-Man. While an info-packed print edition was released during E3 and contained plenty of teasers about the game’s story and some of the characters we’ll see, an online edition was also released at the same time to share completely different stories. A month later, the second issue of the Daily Bugle has now been released with a reference to Hogan capping the end of the issue.

Spider-Man PS4 Crusher Hogan
(Photo: Sony)

Found at the very bottom of the online newspaper was the image above, an advertisement for Hogan and the wrestling league that he participates in. Hogan and the league are offering $100 for anyone who can stand toe-to-toe with the renowned wrestler for at least three minutes with tickets being sold to bring in more viewers for the league. The ad doesn’t confirm that players will be able to find Hogan somewhere in the game – though we now know to look towards the New York Sports Arena if you’re hoping to locate the origin story character – but the ad does at least confirm that Hogan exists in this game’s universe, something that can’t be said for certain regarding other characters.


The first character that some people might think of when seeing this ad is Bone Saw, the character in the 2002 Spider-Man who Tobey Maguire faces off against as the superhero. There was a bit more on the line with $3,000 on the table if Parker could stay in the ring with Bone Saw, but the gist was the same and was an obvious reference to Marvel’s original wrestler, Hogan.

Hogan’s story in the Marvel universe eventually leads to the character being beaten by Spidey, leaving the wrestling game, and eventually teaming up with the hero again, but it appears as though he’s still wrestling in Insomniac’s game. The developers have said before that they don’t want to go too far into the origin stories, but perhaps we’ll see Hogan at some point.