'Splatoon 2' Getting Halloween SplatFest Later This Month

Ahhh, Halloween. A time for scary movies, candy, costumes and all sorts of spooky madness. So, of course, it's only fair that Nintendo's hit shooter Splatoon 2 get a taste of it with a special new SplatFest taking place this month.

The company confirmed the event in a tweet, which you can see below. In it, it confirms that it's set to take place from October 19 through 21, giving you 48 hours to settle the score between Team Trick and Team Treat.

It's a worldwide event, so here are the times that it'll kick off in your particular zone:

  • UK: 3pm, 19th October - 3pm, 21st October
  • Europe: 4pm, 19th October - 4pm, 21st October
  • North America: 3pm PT, 19th October - 3pm PT, 21st October
  • Japan: 5pm, 19th October - 5pm, 21st October

Along with that, there will be several great outfits available through the Squid Research Lab Bulletin in the Nintendo Switch news section, including a cool get-up with a glowing green mask, a Halloween cape, devil's horns and more. And the levels themselves will also be decorated with some spooky graffiti, getting you even more of the Halloween spirit over the course of the month. Relax, this will be a free update to the game, and the outfits should become available for unlock over the course of the month, although specific timing wasn't provided by the company.

Splatoon 2

These decorations and outfits will likely be available through the end of the month, so if you haven't jumped back in to Splatoon 2's multiplayer in awhile, it's a good opportunity to do so. Just remember that you'll need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to take part now, although it is on the fairly cheap side.

Splatoon 3

No word yet if Nintendo has other big holiday events planned for Splatoon 2 with Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we won't lie. We would totally shoot the crud out of dudes in turkey suits with our paint gun. They have it coming!

Splatoon 2 is available now for Nintendo Switch.