Splitgate Devs Commit to Adding a Forge Mode Before Halo Infinite Does

Splitgate does not yet have a forge mode or anything like that, but the game's developers say that feature will be added before Halo Infinite gets its own forge mode. The claim was made in a response to a query on Twitter where the people were asked for their gaming hot takes that could "trigger an entire gaming fanbase" with one sentence. The sentence did, in fact, trigger some of the more vocal proponents of the Halo games.

The Twitter request for these hot takes came from none other than KFC Gaming itself. The official Splitgate account responded in kind by saying "Splitgate will have forge mode before Halo Infinite." The statement was followed by apology that said the Splitgate team still loved Halo fans but that it had to be said.

Judging from some of the responses to the tweet, the sentence was an appropriate response to KFC Gaming's query. People said that Splitgate wasn't a first-party game owned by PlayStation so there was therefore no reason to be triggered, said that the game wouldn't last after Halo Infinite released, and said that the game itself was just a rip-off of Halo.

These kinds of responses have been common enough online following Splitgate's rise in popularity and the many comparisons it's gotten to the Halo games. While Splitgate boasts a unique take on a shooter by mixing Portal-style travel points into the formula, its core gameplay experience minus those portals is what's attracted Halo comparisons.

In response to a user who wasn't clear on the concept of a forge mode, the Splitgate account said such a feature probably wouldn't be called that exactly when it's added. It's a map editor, the developers explained, and would allow players to decide where portal pads go within the game to create their own custom maps.


This inflammatory statement about Splitgate getting its version of a forge mode before Halo Infinite was made possible because of an August announcement from 343 Industries that said Forge wouldn't be present in the new Halo game at launch. The creators said they intend to bring Forge to Halo Infinite within the game's third season of content which sure sounds like it's a long ways away considering how seasons in games typically last around three months each.

Splitgate is playable now in a beta form with no set release date for the 1.0 launch. Halo Infinite launches in December, so we'll see then how the Splitgate vs. Halo Infinite discussions go.