SPOILER's 'Rampage' Death is a Huge Easter Egg From the Video Game

Spoilers ahead for Rampage, out in theaters today.Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson opens Rampage today, a [...]

Spoilers ahead for Rampage, out in theaters today.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson opens Rampage today, a movie that is loosely based on the classic arcade game of the same name and features a handful of little winks and nods in the game's direction -- including one major plot point that likely left some viewers laughing.

In the film, Malin Akerman plays Claire Wyden, a corrupt corporate executive whose company is responsible for the mutation of three everyday animals into massive, weaponized monsters. While her brother Brett (Jake Lacy), whose corporate office is decked out in nerd chic, may be the one with a Rampage arcade game hidden away in one corner, it's Claire whose destiny will resonate the most with fans of the classic game.

Wyden and her brother were characters created for the film -- but in the final act of the movie her character took a surprising turn that synchs up with a character from the games.

Besides the three key monsters -- a lizard named Lizzie, an ape named George, and a wolf named Ralph -- there are a handful of recurring extras/background characters/victims in the Rampage franchise of video games, which began in 1986 with the game seen in Brett's office. One such extra is a voluptuous woman in a red dress.

[We will allow time for your jokes about The Matrix to be completed.]

Since there are obvious Godzilla and King Kong parallels to Lizzie and George, one of the gags in the 2006 update Rampage: Total Destruction is that George can earn extra points by pulling women from a building and putting them down safely instead of eating them. When, instead of saving her, George eats the woman in the red dress, she objects.

So, when Akerman appeared about half an hour from the end of the movie wearing a low-cut red dress and preparing to make her escape from the mess that she and her company had made, her fate was more or less sealed. In a key sequence, Davis Okoye (Johnson) and Dr. Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) sneak a cure for the rage that made George so dangerous into her purse and manipulate the ape into eating her.

She objected, but nobody much cared.

Rampage is in theaters now.