Rumor: Spyro the Dragon Reignited Trilogy Website Lists Nintendo Switch, PC Versions

Spyro the Dragon

UPDATE: It looks like Activision has updated the website to remove the Nintendo Switch and PC listings. For now, anyway. It's only slated for Xbox One and PS4.

ORIGINAL STORY: We've been talking quite a bit about Spyro the Dragon: Reignited Trilogy since it was finally confirmed earlier this year. But we've also been discussing the possibility of a Nintendo Switch version of the game, which has been hinted at for some time. Now though, it looks like some official news might be coming our way.

If you pay a visit over to the Spyro the Dragon UK site, take a look under platforms. You'll see the previously confirmed Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions...but you'll also see two other options.

Nintendo Switch is now listed on the page (twice, mind you) along with PC. This could be official confirmation that he's coming to those platforms as well. We took a screenshot for you below, just in case Activision changes the website.

Spyro the Dragon 2

The publisher hasn't said a word yet about the Switch or PC versions of the game. However, there are two factors to consider.

First off, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy finally came to those platforms after spending some time on the PlayStation 4 exclusively. So Activision seems to be into this "the more platforms, the better" logic for its classic games. And Spyro would be a perfect fit for the Switch.

Secondly, there is a Spyro the Dragon panel taking place at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. Not only is this likely to be where former Police member Stewart Copeland is confirmed to be working on the game's soundtrack but it could also be where the publisher announces the Switch and PC versions.


Again, nothing has been set in stone just yet. But if the official site are listing the platforms (and not by accident -- again, the Switch version is listed twice), then we could be in for good times. Now the real question is if those editions will arrive alongside the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ones on September 21, or at a later date.

We'll find out soon enough. But fingers crossed we'll be getting scorched across the board. Once details are revealed from the panel, we'll bring them to you here. Be sure to check back and dream of burning everything to a crisp! (Like those sheep. You know they deserve it.)