Square Enix Releasing "Major" Game This Year, Prompting 'Avengers' and 'Final Fantasy VII' Speculation

The road to release for the Final Fantasy VII remake has been a long and arduous one, that's for [...]

The road to release for the Final Fantasy VII remake has been a long and arduous one, that's for sure. From rumors of cancellation, to team shifts, to creative differences, the path of seeing a fan favorite once more hasn't been easy. That same road has also been very quiet as of late but now that Kingdom Hearts III has had a little time on the shelves, it's time for Square's other big project to come to fruition. With the news that the studio has a "major" release dropping this year, we're hoping this means more Sephiroth goodness.

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda briefly mentioned that the company had a "major" game release slated for 2019 during a recent financial report looking back on the last quarter. With Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts already a wrap, Final Fantasy is the other major franchise in mind that still has something in-progress.

Though Matsuda-san didn't delve into too much detail, he did ask investors to look forward to E3 this year for a big reveal coming then. Since the team has been hard at work on giving the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake the special touch it needed, others are speculating that the big reveal isn't the RPG franchise - but instead the super secret Avengers project alongside Crystal Dynamics.

The second option definitely seems plausible, especially with Avengers: Endgame making its cinematic debut later this year. To keep that hype going while it's strong would be vital to the game's success, so that would be a smart move on their part to have those releases line up.

With 2019 going strong, it's nice to see that 2019 is setting up to already host some incredible announcements. Personally, I've been begging for any type of news regarding the Final Fantasy VII project. The original game is one of those titles that I will always return to because it feels like home and I can't wait to see that in current-gen graphics with additional plot additions.

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