Squid Game, Stranger Things Tabletop Games Announced

Asmodee has announced that it will release three new tabletop games based on popular Netflix series. Today, Asmodee announced it would publish games based on Ozark, Squid Game, and Stranger Things, all of which would initially launch as WalMart exclusive games. Stranger Things: Attack of the Mind Flayer is a social deduction party game, in which players form into two teams and attempt to figure out who is under the sway of the Mind Flayer. In Squid Game, players attempt to manipulate various contestants as they move their way through the six games from the show, with the winner being the first team member that reaches the Squid Head. Finally, Ozark is a territory control game in which players try to control locations from the show and launder money through them. All three games will retail for $24.86 and will be release in October. 

This marks the first time that either Ozark or Squid Game has gotten an official board game. Stranger Things has had several tabletop game tie-ins, including a Dungeons & Dragons crossover boxed set with an adventure written from Mike's perspective. More recently, Stranger Things got a Monopoly tie-in that actually upset the Duffer Brothers, as it spoiled several key plot points from the then unreleased fourth season. Netflix has teamed up with other publishers to release a handful of other tie-in board games. A Bridgerton version of Clue recently came out themed around uncovering a scandal, while The Queen's Gambit board game didn't feature chess but instead worked to outmaneuver your opponent. 

As of press time, it's unclear whether any of these board games will get a wider release. They will be available at WalMart in October of this year.