Star Wars Battlefront 2 Has a New Co-Op Mode

Star Wars Battlefront II players have a new co-op mode that’s now in the game that allows them [...]

Star Wars Battlefront II players have a new co-op mode that's now in the game that allows them to team up with up to three different players. It's a PvE mode, so you won't be going up against other players, but you'll be able to participate in "massive battles across all of the Clone Wars planets" in the game. The game mode is out on all platforms now that the game's latest update has been released, and the patch notes for that update detailed how it would work.

Either a Separatist or Republic attack is featured in each one of the co-op experiences depending on what planet you're on, the developer's patch notes said. The planets always feature the same type of attack with a list of those found below so you'll know what to expect.

In this co-op mode, players will find many of the features they've already grown accustomed to and will be able to earn Battle Points while they play.

"In Co-op, all Troopers, Reinforcements, Vehicles, Heroes and Villains will be available to play," the patch notes said. "Much like game modes such as Galactic Assault or Capital Supremacy you'll gain Battle Points as you progress which will allow you to choose the character you play as."

Co-Op Planets

  • Kamino: Separatist Attack
  • Geonosis: Republic Attack
  • Naboo: Separatist Attack
  • Kashyyyk: Separatist Attack
  • Felucia: Republic Attack

While the game supports teams of up to four human players including yourself, you'll also have AI allies helping you. Your opponents will be only AI enemies, and sometime in October, EA DICE said there are plans to allow players to control the defending forces as well.

"Your opponents will be made up entirely of AI, and you can expect the same mixture between regular Troopers, Reinforcements and Heroes," the patch notes continued. "As we move into October we'll be expanding Co-Op to allow you to place as the defending forces, more on that next month."

Joining this co-op mode is another called "Instant Action" that's geared more towards solo players than those who would prefer to be in teams. This mode has players joining AI teammates and playing against enemies of the same kind as they fight for control of command points, and you don't even have to be online to play it.

Star Wars Battlefront II's latest update is now out, and you can read through the patch notes in their entirety here.