Star Wars Battlefront 2 Shows What BB-8 Can Do

Star Wars Battlefront II's big BB-8 update may have been delayed, but players won't have to wait long to play as the droid and do much more now that it has a new release date. It's scheduled to release on February 3rd to start the week off with the friendly BB-8 droid and a counterpart hero playing for the First Order along with more content. Notes for the update have already been revealed in the game's latest Community Transmission to show players what the two droid heroes can do ahead of their release date.

BB-8 is a fast-moving droid working for the Resistance who's got a couple of different useful abilities players can use while zooming around. His Rolling Charge ability sends the droid crashing into enemies to damage them and push them back, and he's got a Shock Prod move as well that electrocutes enemies in front of him. He'll also be able to reveal nearby enemies and afflict a debuff on them that causes them to take more damage thanks to his Resistance Backing ability. The last of his moves turns BB-8 into a Beyblade when he uses Cable Spin and whips everyone around him with three lashing cables.

The rolling droid also has three passive abilities that can be seen below.

BB-8 Passive Abilities

  • Technical Support
    • BB-8 will count as two units when capturing a Command Post, and activating an objective device is much faster.
  • Swift Reaction
    • BB-8 increases the cooldown speed of nearby friendly character's abilities.
  • Health on Kill
    • Upon defeating an opponent, BB-8 will receive some health back

Opposing BB-8 on the side of the First Order is BB-9E, a more supportive hero compared to BB-8's offensive abilities. BB-9E's Smoke Screen ability covers an area around him and reveals enemies who wander into it. He can also use Charge Up to buff his Shock Prod weapon and nearby teammates' blasters, and like BB-9's spinning ability, he can use Shock Spin to damage nearby enemies while pushing them back and overheating their weapons.

The dark droid's passive effects are similar to BB-8's with the exception of the Bacta Support move.

BB-9E Passive Abilities

  • Technical Support
    • BB-9E will count as two units when capturing a Command Post and activating an objective device is much faster.
  • Bacta Support
    • BB-9E periodically regenerates the main health of friendly characters around him.
  • Health on Kill
    • Upon defeating an opponent, BB-9E will receive some health back.

Full details on the two new heroes and everything else coming to Star Wars Battlefront II early next week can be seen here.