Star Wars: Battlefront II Players Apparently Getting Free Crates From EA DICE

There is no question that Star Wars: Battlefront II has seen its share of hardships since its [...]

Star Wars

There is no question that Star Wars: Battlefront II has seen its share of hardships since its launch last November. While the game features a strong single player campaign and multiplayer, it also has a heaping amount of criticism surrounding its loot crate system, which almost went through with the shipped game before Electronic Arts pulled the plug.

Now, while the company thinks about re-implementing that controversial system, the developers of DICE seem to be giving out gifts to fans that have put up with said hardships.

Some fans have noted that after logging in to their Star Wars: Battlefront II account, they noticed the following message.

"Fixes deployed. Sincere apologies. Here are some credits for your inconvenience."

But it's more than just the 4,000 credits that you get awarded. It turns out that you get four Star Cards for your trouble as well, and they appear to be randomized for players.

We're not sure if everyone is getting this reward, as we've only heard from a select few that have gotten their hands on it. But considering all the stuff players have had to put up with, it wouldn't surprise us if the developer was giving everyone a gift in order to keep them sticking around in the game – even if it just a few credits and Cards.

DICE has already noted that it's hard at work on new content for the game, including the proposed Conquest Mode, which has been a hit in its previous releases. While that's not entirely confirmed yet, the team is well aware that die-hard Battlefront II players are requesting it, and are listening for other requests as well. When these will be added to the game is beyond us, but EA should have an announcement soon – again, to keep the players from checking out other multiplayer fare.

So the next time you got into the game, be sure to check your rewards to see if you got these freebies added. You never know when those extra credits and Star Cards are going to come in handy.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.