New Star Wars Game Announcement Has 90s Kids Excited

A Star Wars PS1 game is getting a remaster.

A new Star Wars game announcement is going to hit differently for those who grew up on Star Wars in the 90s. In 1995, video game fans were treated to some great new IP that has lasted to this day. This includes, the likes of Twisted Metal, Chrono Trigger, Rayman, and Wipeout. Meanwhile, the likes of Virtua Fighter 2, Yoshi's Island, Tekken 2, and Mortal Kombat 3 all released. Compared to the late 90s, 1995 wasn't as noteworthy but it was still a great year for gaming. It was also the year Star Wars: Dark Forces was released, a cult classic amongst Star Wars fans. 

This year, Star Wars fans were treated to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Meanwhile, looking ahead Star Wars fans have the Knights Of The Old Republic remake, Star Wars Eclipse, Star Wars Outlaws, and more to be excited about. None of these games are first-person shooters though, and with Star Wars Battlefront likely on ice, those looking for a Star Wars first-person shooter are left unserved. This is where the aforementioned Star Wars: Dark Forces comes into play. 

Nightdive Studios has announced a remaster of Star Wars: Dark Forces for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. There is currently no word of a release date, but Nightdive Studios has noted this will change this year. 

About the Game:

"Behind a veil of secrecy the evil Empire is creating a doomsday army – one that, if finished, will become the final cog in the Empire's arsenal of terror and domination," reads an official blurb about the game. "Your Mission? Join the Rebel Alliance's covert operations division, infiltrate the Empire, then battle every man and machine the Imperial Forces can muster. Search a vast galaxy for clues, attack enemy bases-all in a desperate attempt to stop the activation of this fearsome new weapon."

What's New With the Remaster:

As for the remaster itself, it will use Nightdive Studios' KEK engine, an engine specifically designed with remastering older games in mind. Meanwhile, the game will now support up to 4K resolution and 120 frames per second. In addition to this, there will be new, modern features, such as modern gamepad support, trophies/achievements, and improvements to 3D models. That all said, it's important to remember this is a remaster, not a remake. In other words, it's still going to look and play -- to an extent -- like a mid 90s first-person shooter. 

Star Wars Fans Are Excited: