Starfield Release Date Is Reportedly Later Than Expected

We've heard a lot of new reports and rumors over the past week about when Bethesda Game Studios [...]

We've heard a lot of new reports and rumors over the past week about when Bethesda Game Studios and Xbox Game Studios might be preparing to release Starfield. Some of these rumored release windows have asserted that the game could still launch in 2021, while others say that an arrival in early 2022 is more likely to occur. According to one prominent journalist, though, the upcoming RPG isn't going to arrive until much later on.

In a new tweet from Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, it was said that Starfield isn't going to actually release until later on next year. Schreier said that Bethesda is going to tease a release date for the title next month during E3 2021, but the game itself is still well over a year away. "I'll leave the specifics to them," Schreier said of Bethesda and its E3 plans. "But please keep your expectations in check and refrain from sending death threats when the other rumors turn out to be false."

In an accompanying series of messages, Schreier said that Starfield's development is "nowhere near done" based on what he has heard from multiple people associated with the project. Part of the reason why Starfield is coming later than some people expected is because most of Bethesda Game Studios was busy with Fallout 76 up until its launch in 2018. "Starfield's team was very small until 2019," Schreier explained. "Rumors that the game was planned for 2020 or far into production then are just not true."

Obviously, if everything that Schreier is saying here is true--which it likely is given his track record--then it's definitely a bit of a bummer that we'll have to wait longer than expected to play Starfield. Still, the fact that we're finally going to see more of the game next month during E3 2021 is more than enough to get excited about in the short term. Whenever we do learn more about Starfield, we'll be sure to share that info with you here on