Steam's Big Library Update Releases This Month

Steam’s library feature where its users collect a wide array of games is getting an overhaul this month. The “New Steam Library open beta” as Valve is calling it will release on September 17th as it ushers in some updated and new features like a revamped landing page, information about game updates players should keep an eye on, and better social features. The open beta will be released for Steam users to opt into, so if you’re content with how Steam handles your games now, you won’t have to make the switch right on September 17th.

Valve announced its plans to update the Steam library in a post on the Steam Blog where it went over all of the biggest features coming to the gaming platform. The owners of Steam acknowledged that some people have years and years of games collected in Steam and that they wanted to present them in the best way possible through the New Steam Library.

Part of those changes include the updated landing page for the library which will be the first thing users notice when they go to check on their games after opting in. An image of the updated landing page can be found below to show what it’ll look like when you’re browsing through your games.

Steam Library
(Photo: Valve)

“The first thing you'll probably notice is that we're launching a gorgeous new landing page for your library,” Valve said. “The new library home gives you quick access to game updates, recently played games, friends activity and your collections.”

More details about the games will be found in the updated library as well including info on when a game was updated and, if it has, why the update is worth investigating. Another image showed an example of a Dead Cells release labeled as a “Major Update” with information about its contents included.


For people who have a lot of games in their collections but only frequent some of them, Valve said that there might be events going on within games that players would never know about. A new “Events” feature will look to remedy that by notifying players when a game in their library is featuring an event. Developer livestreams, community challenges, and fan art were three examples of content Valve said devs will be able to share with their players.

Valve’s New Steam Library releases in open beta on September 17th, and Valve said it plans to have more info on the release shared via the Steam Blog before the update is released.