The Steam Summer Sale Start Date Has Been Revealed, Brace Yourselves

Once again PayPal has revealed the starting date of the Steam Summer Sale. Are they supposed to announce this, because they do it every year before Steam gets a chance to. Anyway, you'll be delighted to know that Steam is going to make it rain savings sooner than later. The Summer Sale kicks off this week!

"It's official. The Steam Summer Sale starts [June 22] at 6pm BST and PayPal customers can an extra £5 off." The tweet also reveals that if you're willing to use a PayPal account to check out while shopping, you'll get a nice little discount on top of your already nice little discounts. We're sure there's a purchase minimum involved here, but it shouldn't be anything compared to what you're about to drop anyway.

If this is your first Steam Summer Sale, you're about to find out why everyone claims PC gaming is superior to all other forms of gaming in every way. Apart from the hardware power gap, which is significant, PC gamers also get all of the prices on games. It doesn't seem fair, does it, that PC gamers get to have all the most powerful graphics cards and all of the cheapest games, but those are the cards they were dealt. Your only options are to join them or keep piling on the salt in the comments sections.

If you're among their ranks, starting Thursday you can expect discounts on hundreds of new and classic PC games, very likely up to 90% off. You're going to see games that have been on your wishlist for months suddenly sink down to impulse-buy levels of affordability. You're going to see games like The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 at prices that make the Target Clearance Shelf look like a total ripoff.

The time is now. Siphon off what little spare funds you can find into your PayPal account while your significant other isn't paying attention, and start practicing saying "no." There will be more games here than you actually need to buy, but you're going to want them all. Prepare for the worst.