More Stranger Things Content Teased for Fortnite

Fortnite players have already gotten a dash of Stranger Things content in the past, and it looks like there is more to what’s been seen already. In the next few weeks, players can expect to see something related to the Netflix series, according to Christopher Lee, the head of interactive games at Netflix. Lee took the stage during an E3 Coliseum event to talk about how Netflix has been and will continue to move into the gaming sphere in different ways and dropped the first teaser about the upcoming Fortnite content.

A big focus of the E3 Coliseum event titled “Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games” was Stranger Things, specifically the mobile game that’s simply called Stranger Things: The Game and the future of games based on this series. Towards the end of the event before those on-stage took part in a Q&A segment, Lee teased that Stranger Things games weren’t the only thing that they’re working on.

“We’ve actually been really busy over the past year making new friends. We have a number of projects coming out,” Lee said. “You guys may have seen in Fortnite Season 9 we had a Scoops Ahoy from Stranger Things show up in the mall there … so there’s a bit more behind that in a few weeks.”

Lee wouldn’t say anymore about the topic, but he closed his comments on the collaborations by reiterating that “we’ve got a few other projects.” A slide shown above the panelists showed some of the companies Netflix has already been involved with and is involved with including Epic Games, Behaviour Interactive, and Ubisoft.


The first time that players noticed the Stranger Things content was indeed during Season 9 of Fortnite, the season which we’re currently in now. Amid all the other changes in Season 9 like new locations and features, a Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor had indeed appeared. Players thought at the time that this could indicate there’s some sort of crossover happening with Stranger Things that goes deeper than just a building, and it looks like they might be correct.

Scoops Ahoy parlour found in Fortnite from r/StrangerThings

Stranger Things returns to Netflix on July 4th for its first season, so people will be expecting something to happen around that time if not before.