Street Fighter 6 Includes Feature Seen Only During Perfect Wins

Though the Street Fighter 6 devs have said they would be going dark for a while to work on the game more before showing it off again, we continue to see bits and pieces of Street Fighter 6 revealed through various events and presentations. One of those features was revealed just this week during Japan Expo 2022 where it was confirmed that fighters will have unique victory animations that'll only be seen by those who either achieve (or are victim to) a perfect win.

Matthew Edwards, the brand manager for Capcom Europe, shared a clip this week showing off the victory celebrations in action. Edwards said that he witnessed someone achieving a perfect win during a fight which means they beat their opponent without taking damage. After asking the player to repeat the process so that it could be seen once more, Edwards shared the clip below for everyone else to see.

This particular celebration features Luke "from the TikTok generation," according to Edwards, but even if you're not a big Luke fan, it's got more exciting implications behind it. Since Luke has one, it means that other fighters do as well, which means players have these to look forward to when witnessing perfect wins from the entire roster.

The celebrations we'll see Street Fighter 6 fighters show off after their perfect wins is just one of the many features we've already seen confirmed for the new game. While that feature will be seen at the end of the fights, Capcom already confirmed another interesting one that'll be seen only prior to matches. Taunts are back as well with another new twist, and based on some of the most recent gameplay seen (which will probably be supplemented by whatever comes out of Japan Expo 2022), it looks like battle damage is once again back in the franchise, too.

Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to release on the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms at some point in 2023, but a specific release date has not yet been set.