'Super Mario 64' Player Defeats Bowser Level Without Ever Using Joystick

super mario 64
(Photo: Nintendo via UncommentatedPannen)

Some madman has defeated Bowser in Super Mario 64's Dark World level with no joystick. Yes, you read that right, no joystick.

This weekend, YouTuber UncommentatedPannen -- who you may for his many equally impressive and crazy Mario videos -- uploaded a new six-minute-long video showing himself defeating Bowser in the Dark World level without ever touching the joystick a single time.

The video is a part of an ongoing series where the YouTuber beats Mario levels and challenges without using the joystick. They are all stupefyingly impressive, but this new one featuring a no joystick take down of Bowser may be the most masterly one yet.

Of course, this is a tool-assisted run, but it's still a feat maybe four people total in the world probably could pull off. Without having use of Mario's primary movement option, Pannen has to manipulate the controls in such fashion that he can jump and slide his way through the level until he gets to Bowser himself.

While you may expect the fight with Bowser to be the hardest part, judging from the video, it actually looks like it may be the easiest. I mean, for a normal person, it would probably be the most difficult part, but for Pannen it looked so easy it made me want to cry thinking about how much younger me died during this level way back in the day.

The video is also a great reminder of what makes Nintendo games so special: they're ageless. You simply don't see people playing older PlayStation and Xbox Games the way people play and continuously gush over old Nintendo games, especially Mario.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. When is the last time you played Super Mario 64? And more importantly, do you think Pannen human?



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