Super Mario Bros. Gets Recreated as a First-Person Shooter

Mario has been recreated in many different ways as Nintendo’s iconic frontman, but a developer might’ve just created one of the most interesting versions of the character yet by giving Mario his own first-person shooter. The developer by the name of Sean Noonan who’s the lead level designer for Gears Tactics celebrated MAR10 Day this year by showing off his fan-made game called “The Super 1-1 Challenge.” It recreates World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. from a first-person perspective where Mario wages war on Goombas and other parts of the world while collecting coins, busting breaks, and sliding down pipes like he normally would.

Noonan showed off The Super 1-1 Challenge from his personal Twitter account and dropped a link for where people can access it from He said in the description of the project it was made as part of a Discord challenge.

The goal of the game is to dash through the level and reach the end of the course after you’ve located all of the gold coins and eight red coins which are hidden throughout the world. Some players have already taken a liking to the game and have tried to work on their times to speedrun it as quickly as possible.


Those who’ve been following the project will know that it’s been in the works for several months, though MAR10 Day was as good a day as any to make it playable by the public. Noonan’s YouTube channel has multiple videos dating back several months ago that showed the creation of the Level 1-1 as it was made. A postmortem writeup is supposed to be coming later now that the game is out, Noonan said, so those who’ve been invested in its creation can look forward to reading that at some point to get more insights into the project.

MAR10 Day brought people a bunch of deals on Mario-related gear, but it also introduced some new Mario products to the market. No new games were announced, though we are getting some interesting collaborations between Mario and Levi’s as well as the LEGO products which were teased days ago.