How to Watch the Super Mario Bros. Movie Nintendo Direct

Today, Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment will pull back the curtain on the Super Mario Bros. movie's first teaser trailer. To celebrate the event, a special Nintendo Direct presentation will take place at 1:05 p.m. PT/4:05 p.m. ET. In a first for the format, Nintendo has explicitly stated that the presentation will not contain any video game coverage, so viewers should not expect to see any information on upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, or anything beyond information on the new movie. Still, the presentation should be more than exciting enough for most Nintendo fans!

Readers planning to watch the Nintendo Direct when it goes live can find it in the video embedded below.

When the Super Mario Bros. movie releases in April, nearly three decades will have passed since the last time the character appeared on the big screen. A live-action adaptation starring Bob Hoskins was released back in 1993, and was both a critical and commercial failure. The movie had very little to do with its source material, and Nintendo has mostly avoided adaptations of its properties since. Things are clearly changing in that regard, and the company has repeatedly stated that it's being more hands-on with Illumination's Mario movie. Hopefully today's teaser trailer will offer something much closer to the character's roots!

Of course, the Super Mario Bros. movie has already proven a bit controversial thanks to the casting of Chris Pratt in the lead role. Many fans are disappointed that Charles Martinet will not be voicing Mario, and some are nervous to hear Pratt's take. Pratt's voice as Mario will be the thing fans dissect the most after the teaser's release, and it's hard to say how the actor will fare in the role. For now, fans will just have to wait and see, but it won't be too much longer until we all find out more about the film!

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