Nintendo Fan Goes Wild With Mario-Themed Christmas House Display

With the holiday season happening, you’re likely to see a few homeowners go over the top with [...]

With the holiday season happening, you're likely to see a few homeowners go over the top with their lighting display, showing off their good cheer in a creative manner. But you probably won't see anything as crazy as what this Nintendo fan cooked up.

A Haltom City homeowner has showed off their home decked out not only with beautiful Christmas lights, but also a display that features Mario and Luigi. On top of that, it essentially runs as a nine-minute show which features everything from twinkling lights to a fleet of Yoshis running across a garage door to Toad flossing. Yes, by that we mean the crazy dance you might have seen in Fortnite and other games. He's actually flossing.

The full video can be seen above, originally posted on the Fox 4 News YouTube account based out of Dallas Ft. Worth. It features a number of remixed Christmas songs, like "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and even a contemporary song or two, like Post Malone's "Congratulations." (That's kind of Christmas, we think…?)

It's a well done display, although we're pretty sure there are a few fans that don't "get" Nintendo that might consider it a headache. Hey, their loss, they're really missing out.

We're not sure exactly where the home is located, but do a little looking around the Haltom City/Arlington area and you're likely to find it. Plus, with as many lights as it has, it should be easy to spot from a distance, depending how often the homeowner runs the show. (We're guessing every hour on the hour, maybe sooner depending if they're playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or not.)

The sheer coordination between the lights, the music and the dancing characters is beyond belief. In fact, if Nintendo ever did any sort of holiday parade again, they might want to hire this person to coordinate their lightshow. They definitely have a future in setting up a party.

Merry Christmas, ya Nintendo animals!