Super Mario Galaxy Returns in 1080p With Nvidia Shield

The beloved Super Mario Galaxy returns better than ever with the Nvidia Shield version showcased [...]

The beloved Super Mario Galaxy returns better than ever with the Nvidia Shield version showcased for players in China. The gameplay footage, seen in the video above, is glorious with its revamped graphics. It's the same great play experience, just amped up to support 1080p HD.

According to the Nvidia Chinese website (roughly translated):

"[The Nvidia Shield] plays Mario, migrating in the gravity-bending Milky Way, and shuttles back and forth through the gravitational fields of various planets. In these incredible alien worlds, players can experience dazzling viewing shifts in a spiraling run. Whether you are riding a squid surf across the sea of ​​clouds, stepping on the planets through dangerous lofts, or riding large bubbles across a poisonous swamp, you will feel the vastness of the challenges and possibilities!"

"Mario can run, stomp away, jump, three jumps, backflips and long jumps, but more of the action he will do is spin. By pressing the X key, the player can let Mario stretch his arm and turn his fist, hit the enemy in this way and use the ejection star to shuttle between the planets.

He can also find a variety of enhanced items: use bee mushrooms to transform into bee Mario, which can be a short flight and cling to the hive. Use ghost mushrooms to transform into ghost Mario, which can float and become invisible to pass through the metal mesh.

He will continue to collect debris from the stars - you can press the B key to use the star's debris to attack the enemy. There can even be player 2's full-time job: connect to the second game controller, settle the enemy, launch star debris, and sweep projectiles."

Super Mario Galaxy first made its grand debut back in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii and brought fans of the beloved Mario franchise a new kind of 3D experience. The latest project comes from the partnership announced last year with Nvidia to bring popular Wii and GameCube to the Shield. Unfortunately, however, it looks like they are still sticking to being China based with no plans to move West-side in the near future.