There’s A Fun Little Surprise On The Inside Of Super Mario Odyssey’s Case


Super Mario Odyssey arrives this Friday for Nintendo Switch, and it marks the first time in quite a few years that we’ve gotten to experience an open-world Mario adventure – probably since the days of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

That said, when you pick up the game physically for Nintendo Switch, not only will you get a cartridge that will whisk you away to new adventures – but you’ll also get a nice little surprise inside the case.

According to a tweet from What Fart Games, when you open up the case, you’ll actually see the lyrics to “Jump Up, Superstar” imprinted inside. In case you need a reminder, that’s the fun little show tune that plays during the recent commercial for the game. It made its premiere back at E3 a few months ago, and has been stuck inside our heads ever since. We included the trailer below, in case you need a reminder of just how damn catchy this song is.

The song will also make an appearance within the game, though it has yet to be pinpointed exactly where it is. And, for good measure, if you want to add it to your music library, you can now do so, as it’s officially out on iTunes. Nintendo confirmed the news earlier this week, and you can get your download on here, in case you need something toe-tapping to continue your day with. The download will set you back $1.29.


Excitement for the long-awaited Mario follow-up is at an all-time high, with the promise of a number of new worlds to discover, as well as great gameplay techniques, like being able to take control of enemies with the help of your hat buddy Cappy. This game will easily be mentioned among the year’s best once the awards later this year come rolling around.


In the meantime, enjoy the video above and get the fun of “Jump Up, Superstar” for your music library. You certainly won’t be sorry, especially if you’re all about those show tunes. And who isn’t?

Super Mario Odyssey releases on October 27th for Nintendo Switch. Don't you dare miss out on the journey.