People Are Playing 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' on Movie Theater Screens for an Incredible Experience

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have the benefit of playing the game anywhere they want due to [...]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have the benefit of playing the game anywhere they want due to the on-the-go nature of the Nintendo Switch, but some people have already found that playing it on a full-size movie theater screen creates quite the experience.

People have been renting out or using movie theaters to play big games for a while now, so it was inevitable that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would make it to the big screen too seeing how highly-anticipated the game has been. A Redditor shared the image below that shows them playing the new Super Smash Bros. game inside of a darkened theater with several other players facing off on a full-sized theater screen. The player said a coworker brought a Nintendo Switch to the theater and hooked it up to the projector so that the team could have a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament.

I work at a movie theater and for this years holiday party my coworker brought a switch and hooked it up to the projector so we could have a smash tournament on the theater screen. Here is a picture of the result I figured this sub would appreciate :) from r/gaming

Watching other people compete in fighting games including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one the best parts of the genre when people aren't playing it themselves, so watching people do battle on this screen would be one of the best ways to have a Super Smash Bros. viewing party. Other users replied in the comments to say that they had also had similar experiences by bringing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to their theaters to play it with coworkers.

There is the question of input lag though, a problem that players have already dealt with in the new game and one that might be made worse by the impressive setup. The player who originally posted the image above replied to a question about how far away the controllers were from the actual console to say that the players didn't have much of a problem.

"Now THIS was one of the coolest parts! My manager has a wifi wireless hdmi thing, that transmits a signal over a wifi network (with zero latency!) from hdmi devices," the poster commented. "So he plugged the receiver into the projector, then connected the other part to the switch right in front of us which made it so the controllers and switch were within reach the entire time."

Other players commented about how they'd done the same theater setup with older games, but considering how portable and multiplayer-friendly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is, these kind of setups should be easy enough for anyone who has access to a theater.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available for the Nintendo Switch.