Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Teases Final Two DLC Characters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director and legendary creator, Masahiro Sakurai, has teased the next two DLC characters coming the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Unfortunately, Sakurai doesn't offer up any clues on who these characters are, but he does divulge some interesting details about when they will be revealed and released.

The details come the way of Sakurai's latest Famitsu column, which confirms these will indeed be the final two DLC characters added to the game, and he hints that they could be announced at the same time and quite soon. Naturally, this has led many to believe both characters will be revealed at E3 2021 next month.

Sakurai adds to this tease by noting both will also release this year. While it sounds like they could be revealed together, it's highly unlikely they will release together.

Unfortunately, this is where the teases end, and it's worth noting what is here comes through translation. As you will know, vital meaning and context can be blurred and lost in translation, which means everything here needs to be taken with a grain of salt. That said, expect to hear about -- at least -- one DLC character at E3 2021.

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