Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Disappoints Fans By Shooting Down Latest Rumor

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director, Masahiro Sakurai, recently shot down the latest speculation about the Nintendo Switch game, disappointing fans of the platform fighter in the process. As you may know, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rumors have completely died down the past month or so. Months and months of "leaks" and rumors has been replaced by complete silence as fans of the game wait for news about the next DLC character. Unfortunately, things are still silent on this front, but Sakurai did recently speak about some speculation making the rounds.

Taking to Twitter, the long-time series director posted an image on his Twitter account featuring Pit. On the surface level, there was nothing interesting about this picture. However, fans quickly noticed that in the distance was the Battlefield stage, suggesting perhaps the map from the Ultimate's most recent predecessor was coming to the game. Unfortunately, this isn't happening.


"I've recently been posting a 'pic of the day' every day. I originally captured these to share with our dev team daily via an internal production blog," said Sakurai on Twitter, explaining the image. "They're taken using WIP versions of the game and some scenarios you see can't be replicated in the final version of the game. Yesterday I posted a pic showing what looks like an old version of Battlefield. This was a dev stage we used to check how the game's fighter models would look using a common light source, etc. You won't find this in the final version of the game!"

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available on the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch only. For more news, rumors, and leaks on the best-selling and critically-acclaimed fighting game, be sure to check out all of our past and recent coverage of the title by clicking right here.

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