New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Reportedly Leaked

Super Smash

A new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter has -- reportedly -- been leaked, and it's probably not anybody you'd ever expect.

So who is it? Well, it's none other than Street Fighter's Kenneth "Ken" Masters, the best-friend and rival of Ryu who has been a reoccurring character in the Capcom fighting series since the first game all the way back in 1987.

Ken's appearance in the Nintendo platform fighter, at least at the moment, is backed by nothing other than this following screenshot, which may or may not be real.

super smash bros. ultimate ken
(Photo: ResetEra)

As you can see, that's Ken standing next to that hack Pac-Man, as well as Pokemon's Ivysaur and Pichu on a Splatoon stage in-game. Whether this screenshot is real or fake, who knows, but if it is fake, the faker took a considerable amount of time to whip this up.

The pictured Ken Model is seemingly brand-new, or in other words, hasn't appeared in any other game. It's possible the faker made the model from scratch, but again, that isn't a small undertaking. The clipping of Ken's foot is also an interesting detail, one a faker wouldn't likely add.

One detail that perhaps goes against its validity is the Pichu portrait looks wrong, however, this simply could be because the screenshot is of an early build of the game.

If the image is real, it's also possible Ken isn't an entirely new character, but another option for Ryu (an echo fighter). And there's also the possibility that the image is fake, but the character is actually in the game, which has happened with the series in the past.

However, at the moment, it's best to take this -- like all rumors and reports -- with a grain of salt.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is in development exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, and is poised to release later this year on December 4. For more on the game, click here.

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