Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New DLC Fighter Pyra/Mythra Available Today

Nintendo revealed as part of a lengthy deep dive about the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate two-in-one DLC fighter Pyra/Mythra early today that fans won't have to wait long to get their hands on the latest and greatest characters to join the battle as the new DLC is set to release today as well. The release is a fairly quick turnaround for the title, as Pyra/Mythra was only announced just two weeks ago.

Pyra/Mythra, if you are somehow not familiar, come from the video game Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The fact that she is a two-in-one fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is something of a spoiler given that Pyra is a living weapon with the personality of Mythra sealed inside her, which is only revealed through the course of the video game. In the fighting video game, Pyra is all about power while Mythra is all about speed, and swapping between them will surely be the way to victory for clever players.

As noted above, the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate two-in-one DLC fighter Pyra/Mythra is set to release today. Challenger Pack 9, which includes Pyra/Mythra, can be purchased on its own for $5.99. At this point, there remain two unfilled slots for new DLC fighters to be added, and considering the latest addition, there is no telling who might appear next. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate itself is currently available for Nintendo Switch. The DLC fighter prior to this, Sephiroth, was released in late December. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate right here.

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