Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player Mods in Tears of the Kingdom Powers for Link

A new Tears of the Kingdom mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gives Link Ascend and Fuse powers.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has just about everything any Nintendo fan could want. Between its massive roster of characters, extensive collection of maps and modes, and all kinds of things to unlock it is the most complete version of the platform fighter we've ever seen. That said, the developers are no longer updating the game with new characters, which means that when Nintendo drops new games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we aren't getting anything official to go along with them. Fortunately, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a rather large modding scene and one of those users has made a TOTK mod that lets players use the powers Link gains in his newest adventure. 

First spotted by The Gamer, the mod comes courtesy of Claude1308 and so far it incorporates both Fuse and Ascend into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Of course, they don't work exactly like they do in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but it's close enough that it should more than satisfy fans. In the limited footage Claude1308 has shared of the in-progress mod, you can see Link using Ascend to climb through the bottom of the stage to save himself and climb onto a platform above the stage.

Fuse is a bit more finicky in that it brings up a menu that lets you choose an item to Fuse Link's arrow or sword to. This probably wouldn't work nearly as well in multiplayer, but against the CPU it seems fine. You can seemingly select any item in the game, meaning you'll be able to slap ice or fire onto your arrow, giving your shots an extra elemental power. You could also Fuse a sword to your sword to improve its reach. The possibilities aren't endless, but there's a ton of utility here that inventive players can make use of.

This Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mod is, as mentioned, still in development, but you can follow its progress on Claude1308's YouTube channel. If the progress we've seen in the early footage is anything to go by, this might be one of the more fun mods released for Smash Bros. yet. Regardless, it's fun to see powers from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom making their way into more games.