Take-Two Terminates Publishing Deal for Bloober Team's Project C

Project C isn't cancelled, but it won't be published by Private Division.

Bloober Team announced today that Take-Two has ended its publishing deal for a survival horror game codenamed "Project C." The partnership formed in 2021, but was not revealed until 2022, and would have seen the game published by Take-Two's Private Division. In a release from Bloober Team, the studio confirmed that development on the game will continue. At this time, Bloober Team plans to self-publish the game, but has also noted the possibility that it could find a different publisher. 

"...at the date of publication of the current report, the Company continues work on Project C in accordance with the planned production and marketing schedule in the self-publishing model. At the same time, the Issuer does not rule out the possibility of continuing this production based on cooperation with a new publisher," the statement reads (translated from the original Polish by Google). 

When is Project C Coming Out?

The statement from Bloober Team does not offer additional information about the game, such as a release window. The original announcement about the partnership with Private Division stated that Project C would not be released before 2025. That means we won't be seeing the game until next year at the earliest, and that could give Bloober Team plenty of time to find a different publisher, should it so desire. 

In Bloober Team's statement, it's claimed that no reason was given for the partnership termination. However, industry analyst @MauroNL mentioned on Twitter that Take-Two's cost reduction plan might have something to do with it. In April, the company announced layoffs and plans to cancel multiple projects

Silent Hill 2 and the Future of Bloober Team

It's not all that surprising that Project C is so far out. Bloober Team is a relatively small developer, consisting of less than 100 employees. The studio's focus also seems to be on a remake of Silent Hill 2, which is expected to release within the next year. That's clearly taking priority over a new IP, but hopefully we'll learn a lot more about Project C once Silent Hill 2 is out. 

Despite its smaller size, Bloober Team has made a name for itself over the last few years thanks to the company's horror games. Bloober Team has focused on both original IP like Layers of Fear and The Medium, as well as established properties like Silent Hill and The Blair Witch. Silent Hill 2 is easily the biggest thing the studio has done, and if successful, it could help make Bloober Team an even bigger name in the industry. With a Silent Hill Transmission set to take place later today, fans should have a better idea how that project is shaping up. 

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