Teamfight Tactics Gets Ranked Mode and Twisted Fate in New Patch

The patch notes for Teamfight Tactics’ first big update have been revealed ahead of the release of Patch 9.14, a sizable update that affects nearly every system in the game mode from items to champions to gold accumulation. Some of the most notable changes from the update include the release of a ranked mode in Teamfight Tactics as well as the mode’s first new champion: Twisted Fate, a Pirate/Sorcerer character who can disable enemies and help his teammates.

If you’ve been playing Teamfight Tactics in the past few weeks since it was released, this update is the one that you’ve been waiting for. Patch 9.14 will release this week after a three-week cycle instead of the normal two-week schedule, and you can see everything that’s included in the update here. The ranked mode is one of the patch’s highlight and is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve dabbled in League’s ranked modes. There are some changes that differentiate this ranked mode from others though, and you can catch up on those here if you haven’t seen the rundown yet.

With Twisted Fate joining the Teamfight Tactics champion pool as No. 51, he presents players with another option for Pirate or Sorcerer compositions. Details on the new champion including the ability that he uses can be found below courtesy of the patch notes.

Twisted Fate

  • COST: 2g
  • TRAITS: Pirate, Sorcerer
  • ABILITY: Pick a Card—Twisted Fate throws a card that randomly stuns (Gold), deals damage around his target (Red), or restores mana to himself and nearby allies (Blue)

Another notable change is that players will now be guaranteed at least one reward from the PvE rounds where you fight monsters or minions, but the reward you get won’t always be the same. If you don’t score an item from one of these rounds, one of the units will drop gold instead so that you’ll at least get something from these rounds. While items are still going to be the most coveted reward, having gold for a champion purchase, re-roll, or to get one step ahead of opponents with extra experience is infinitely better than not getting any reward.

Sweeping changes were also made to champions across each tier from the lowest to the highest, and some of the buffs received from certain trait bonuses have either been nerfed, buffed, or otherwise adjusted. You’ll want to read up on all of those before heading into Teamfight Tactics’ ranked mode, and look for the next update to release on live servers within the next few days.