Telltale Games Releases Disappearing From Steam, Indicating Liquidation Proceedings

UPDATE: Apparently, the story has been updated, with notes that it's a liquidation [...]

UPDATE: Apparently, the story has been updated, with notes that it's a liquidation of Telltale Games' assets, not bankruptcy. You can read the updated article here.

ORIGINAL STORY: If you've been looking to pick up some of Telltale Games' past releases on the Steam front, we may have some bad news for you -- and it points to something bigger happening with the company.

Telltale Games

Some online users have been noticing that several of the company's games have been disappearing from the Steam front. They're mainly older titles, but they could indicate that even more popular ones, like Tales From the Borderlands, may follow shortly behind.

Check out the tweet from Pixelbuster below, which shows games like Jurassic Park: The Game, Back To the Future: The Game and Tales of Monkey Island being long gone.

So what does this mean? Well, essentially, the beginning of the end for the long-running episodic game company. After laying off a majority of its workforce earlier this year, has reported that the publisher has begun its bankruptcy proceedings.

"The writing has been on the wall for some time, but a company by the name of Sherwood Partners is expected to handle the process of winding Telltale Games down completely," author Mike Futter explained.

When speaking with Sherwood Partners co-founder Martin Pichinson, he explained, "it's just that someone doesn't make it to the finish line. Is it sad? Yes. It's a whole new world."

The site also obtained a copy of the bankruptcy assignment agreement, which has been signed by Telltale CEO Pete Hawley.

As for what will happen with Telltale Games' releases now, it appears that they could be gone for good, unless someone swoops in and attains the publishing rights for them. It appears that, at the moment, Steam is the only place they're disappearing; but don't be surprised if other storefronts, like Xbox Live and PlayStation Store, see them go bye-bye as well.

So if you haven't gotten your games for consoles yet, you might want to get a move on. Just in case.

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