Terraforming Mars Board Game Optioned for Movie

A popular board game has been optioned for development into a movie. Terraforming Mars, a competitive board game in which players compete to terraform Mars into a inhabitable planet, has been optioned for movie development by Cobalt Knight, a recently established production company founded by Christopher Kaminski and Christopher Knox. The movie hopes to take the game's unique theme of corporations snatching up resources and working towards building a future home for humanity and adapt it into a feature-length movie.

"The Terraforming Mars world offers incredible storytelling potential," said Kaminski in a press release announcing the movie deal. "We are excited to explore the unique human drama that inherently comes along with running a company tasked with literally creating oceans, building prosperous cities, and balancing the ecology of plant and animal life."

"In many ways, the game exhibits strong parallels to the Age of Discovery when European superpowers were sailing around the globe trying to lay claim to everything they touched," said Knox. "This makes it the perfect choice for adaptation, using a distinct and hyperrealistic setting to revisit a familiar narrative conflict."

Terraforming Mars has sold over 1.5 million copies since its release in 2016. The core game involves drafting cards and then spending resources to play the actions on said cards. Each corporation has its own specialty, and the terraforming process generates additional resources that can be used to take more actions. The game, published by Stronghold Games, has several expansions, with a roll-and-write spinoff funded earlier this year via Kickstarter. 


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